In the human medical world, knowledge and information is the key to successful investigation and treatment. This is just as true, if not more so, in veterinary medicine  – we are able to assist our doctor through the power of speech, not a luxury we enjoy in the veterinary world!

The power of the diagnostic tools available to us at Vale Vets is a huge benefit in treating your pets. We have the latest Digital x-ray equipment, Ultrasound, ECG, Doppler blood pressure system and an in-house laboratory all geared to giving us immediate answers shortening the time as much as possible to successfully treating your pet – Not always enjoyed in the human medical world!

Digital Radiography:

Digital X-rays are routinely used in the diagnoses of many conditions.

At Vale Vets we have invested in state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment. Giving us the highest possible imaging quality, an essential aid in the diagnostic process.

Another bonus of digital x-rays is that we are able to email them for immediate radiological referral from some of the UK’s leading radiologists.


Ultrasound is ideal for getting a close look inside small organs (kidneys, liver and spleen) and to check the function of the heart, intestines and muscles. Images can be frozen and then printed from the computer to provide a record of the examination.

Ultrasound may be used in conjunction with X-ray to give a full picture of what might be wrong – some problems are more apparent with ultrasound than X-ray and vice versa.

Doppler Blood Pressure System:

High blood in animals is no less significant than in humans.

High blood pressure is closely associated with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, Renal disease, etc..

Pets with these conditions will need to be closely monitored throughout their lives so a doppler blood pressure system is not only a diagnostic tool it is also an essential monitoring tool.

Electro-cardiology (ECG):

Digital x-ray’s combined with ultrasound will show us the shape, measurements and movement of the heart. An ECG will actually tell us about the various components of the heart and how they are functioning in relation to each other. It does this by measuring electrical impulses at various points across the heart.  

In-house Laboratory:

At Vale Vets with have an extensive in-house laboratory. This means that blood, urine and other samples taken from your pet can be analyzed straight away rather than having to await the results from samples sent out to external laboratories. In critical cases, immediate sample reporting is the key to successful treatment.

For more complex tests we use the excellent Nationwide Labs. In the majority of cases reporting of results can be expected the same day.

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