“I cannot recommend Vale Vets enough. As a dog owner and professional I have used Vale Vets for many years. David and his very professional team are always very helpful and have given excellent advice. The treatment I have experienced has been outstanding and there is a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere and even my most vet phobic dogs have been made to feel at ease and have been treated successfully. David and his team take endless time and trouble not only to diagnose and treat the dogs, but also to explain in detail, that can be understood, what has happened to the dog and the best treatment for them. I am extremely fortunate to have a veterinary practice of this standard in my area and cannot recommend it highly enough. If you are looking for a genuine and compassionate team of professionals for your beloved pet, then look no further, you have found them.”

Diane Kasperowicz, Walton-On-Thames, Surrey starstarstarstarstar

“The Vale Veterinary Clinic has been treating my beloved pets for the last 19 years, even though it is not my nearest vets. I like the fact that it is not part of a large veterinary group and therefore, instead of a succession of locums, I usually see the same vet who knows all of my (currently 15!) cats as individuals and provides them with excellent treatment, supported by his friendly and efficient colleagues.”

Maggie French, West Norwood, London starstarstarstarstar

“I have been going to the Vale Veterinary Clinic since my cat Spitfire was a kitten.
Spitfire has had a series of medical conditions over 17 years and both David and Guy have provided excellent care for my cat who now needs regular steroid injections. David who sees Spitfire once a month gives a thorough ‘Mot’ each time with great care and attention and is willing to explain any medical jargon.
I have the assurance of the best medical care for Spitfire and always a friendly approach from all the staff at the Vale Veterinary Clinic.”

Diana Mitchell, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

“Vale Vets have cared for our 8 year old boxer bitch since she was 10 weeks old. She has had several small difficulties over the years and has been very poorly a couple of times. The care and attention we have had from the practice has always inspired confidence and taken away our anxiety as well as our dogs. We now have a second dog and we had no hesitation in entrusting her care and well being to Vale Vets.”

Mike & Sue Andrews, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

“Our Bernese Mountain Dog Shadow has been going to Vale Vets since we brought him home at 8 weeks old. Luckily he doesn’t have much cause to go to the vet, much to his disappointment, as he LOVES it. I don’t know which he loves more; the friendly team or the freeze dried liver treats, but even after having the snip, he was still super keen to come back for more! When the vet calls us in from the waiting room I can hardly hold him back!”

Jasmine Boast & Shadow, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

“David and his team at Vale Vets have been caring for my various dogs for 20 years now – excellent clinical care is provided along with kindness and compassion to both pet and owner. Nothing is too much trouble and everyone is happy to go that “extra mile”. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Susan Stansfield & Bertie, Mitcham, Surrey starstarstarstarstar

“More than just a vet.

Vale Vets have been looking after our pets for over 16 years now and we wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Vale Vets are never phased no matter what animal we bring in or how busy they are, they are always bright, helpful, willing to listen and give advice.

All the staff genuinely care about the animals they treat and have the best interest of your pet in mind. This comes across in the way the staff interact with both pets and owners.  Even when there is a need to refer to a specialist, David and his team ensure that the practice referred to has the same high standard of care that we, as customers, have come to expect.   It shows ho good Vale Vets are when your dogs actually drag you into the surgery if you are intending to go there or not.

Their own insurance scheme is excellent value for money and I would encourage all responsible pet owners to take this up.  It means no matter what misfortune happens to your pet you don’t need to worry about the costs of treatment spiralling out of control.

The webshop is also excellent value, some items are even cheaper than the big animal superstores.  Free delivery to the vet surgery, or for large orders over a certain value, free delivery to your own front door.  Brilliant if you can’t get out for any reason, you know you can still get the necessities for your pet delivered in a couple of days.  If there is something you want which isn’t in the webshop, if you speak to Paul, he’ll try and get it for you.

Vale Vets is fast becoming a one stop shop for pets and is a huge asset to residents of the Vale.”

The Lovett family, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

“When I was approached about giving my opinion as to my thoughts on my experience as a client of Vale Vet Surgery over many years, (exact amount I can’t recall), I was only too glad and honoured to do so.

I have always found David and his team to be extremely helpful and kind to all my animal friends (two dogs and four cats in number), at all times.

They have always been very quick to attend to any problems I have incurred, and have on several occasions fitted me into an appointment at short notice when called upon.

Overall I must say all staff are very helpful and it has a very comfortable feeling upon oneself when you have a worrying problem awaiting a decision on an animal’s health.

One other poin  I feel needs praising is their Pet Insurance scheme, the obtaining of which is easy and direct.

I think this surgery is run very well by all involved.”

Mrs D. M. McArdell, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

“I have been using vale Vets for over 25 years, not just because they are conveniently situated at the end of my road, but because my dogs (and the occasional visitor I have had to take), actually LIKE going there!  they have all treated it as a social occasion going to see friends.  Of course, I as a mere human, have always been more than pleased with the treatment  they  have received, so that makes for happy customers all round!”

Juliet Mitchell, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

“When we had our first dog there was no hesitation in which vets we would choose to care for him and that was Vale Vets.

Rolo is a chocolate Labrador who, as well as being a family pet, is also a “School Dog.” The school is for children with profound autism and Rolo is amazing with them. He is so calm and gentle and the children are so relaxed around him. When he does not go to school the children really miss him and ask where he is. It is very important therefore that Rolo remains fit and healthy. He is now two years old and in that time he has had one or two problems with his joints and his weight. With the support, help and guidance from the amazing team at Vale Vets all these are under control and Rolo leads a very active life just like any other dog.

In May 2012 we made two excellent decisions, one was Rolo and the other was Vale Vets.”

Gillian and Philip Hutton, Upper Norwood, London starstarstarstarstar

“I have used Vale Vets for 16 years and they have looked after and treated my cats since they were kittens. I am totally confident of their expertise and the care they have treated both of my cats with has been excellent. My cats have had at times, needed quite major operations and treatment for ongoing conditions, the vets and clinical staff have treated them with care, sensitivity and kindness, often going above and beyond the call of duty, when the cats have been particularly poorly,  the cats are monitored closely when they have had to stay overnight and I have even had phone calls in the evening to tell me how they are doing and to reassure me.

All of the staff at Vale Vets are professional and friendly and not only have an awareness of the needs of the pet, but are also sensitive to the needs of the pet owner – being a particularly over protective pet owner they have my complete trust to do what is best for my cats!”

Sharon Doherty, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

“The new Vale Vets webshop is really quick and easy , even if like me you are not clued up on computers!.

I have everything delivered to the practice so I don’t have to pay delivery costs. It works out slightly cheaper which is also a plus. There is a very good selection of goods which are not available at the surgery. I am finding it very useful as my cat is on a special diet. 10 out of 10.”

Joan Herbert, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

“I have been taking my pets to Vale Vets since 1990. To date one dog, five cats, seven guinea pigs and one rabbit. I feel that my pets and I are members of the Vale Vet family. The staff at Vale Vets know the animals and the less important owners so well. They are very friendly, but most importantly professional and up to date.

I feel reassured knowing that if any of my pets should become unwell that the Vale Vets will look after them. They are also just a call away for advice on animal matters. Some of my pets have grown old or become very ill over the years and the treatment they received and the support given to me was fantastic. I can not praise them highly enough.”

Mrs Elvy, Streatham, London starstarstarstarstar

Our canine, Marsanne is alive today at 12yo because of the diligence & caring approach taken by all at Vale Vets. Being a diabetic means that Marsanne needs a veterinary practice that will respond quickly to any changes in her condition. The team has been supportive of the dog and the family during various health matters that have arisen over the last 5 years.”

Mrs Morris, Streatham, London star   star   starstarstar

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