Pet Insurance Advice

At Vale Vets we strongly support the principle of insuring your pet against unexpected illness or accidents. We can also help you on the types of pet insurance that are available. Like many things ‘you get what you pay for’ and the cheapest policies tend to provide a lower level of cover.


The best time to take out pet insurance is before anything goes wrong or before a condition is diagnosed.

Why are puppies and kittens ideal candidates for insurance?

  • There is a higher chance of a young animal having an accident.
  • If they are insured when young, any growth or hereditary conditions discovered after taking out the insurance will be covered.
  • You cannot tell whether a puppy/kitten will be accident prone/healthy/unhealthy, even if you have had the same breed before.
  • Older pets are also more prone to illness/disease and so are better to be insured. You should be aware that some insurance companies have age limits after which pets cannot commence insurance.
  • Whether you have spent a lot of money purchasing a pet or have re-homed it for free, they will all cost the same to put right if they have a road traffic accident.
  • Third party cover for dogs is also important, so that you are covered for damage or injury your dog may cause.

What should a good insurance scheme offer?

  • Cover for illness, accident and third party claims.
  • Lifelong cover – not excluding conditions when policy is renewed or being 12 month limited by time.
  • Clear concise information regarding premiums and excesses for the first year and expected for future years.
  • Cover against hereditary and congenital conditions.
  • No exclusions or added premiums as pet gets older.
  • A quick and concise method of settling claims when submitted.

What insurance type do you recommend?

We recommend Pet Plan policies overall as we know that they will cover your pet when you need it most while also giving you lifelong cover. Information can be provided by the receptionists or can be found directly from Pet Plan here.

Also, a good comparison website is

Is there anything pet insurance does not cover?

Pet Insurance this will not cover your pets preventative care treatments. Our Pet care plan/discount scheme allows you to spread the cost of  your pets preventative treatments throughout the year, enjoying significant savings while doing so. For more information click here 


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