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The building at 130 Streatham Vale was originally built as a farmhouse in the early 19th century, around 100 years before the rest of the housing around the Vale was built. In the early 1980’s it was being used as a gentleman’s outfitters before being converted into a veterinary surgery by Peter Ross. The building was extended at the rear in the 80’s to provide kennelling space and an X-ray facility.

Dave Salisbury-Jones started working at the Vale in 1988 as an assistant vet. In 1996 he bought the practice and has run it ever since. As time has passed, standards for facilities at veterinary surgeries have steadily risen, and so in 2005 and 2006, building works were undertaken to further modernise the surgery. Half of it was completely rebuilt and the other half entirely refurbished, so that we now have a dedicated operating theatre, an imaging suite for X-rays, ultrasound, and electrocardiography, a purpose built laboratory and separate rooms for accommodating the different species that we treat. The reception, consulting rooms and other facilities are also now, spacious, decorated to the highest standard and air conditioned – a real benefit for patients, clients and staff as our summers get hotter.

We now have a team of two veterinary surgeons and four nurses, who aim to provide the highest possible standard of veterinary care for all our patients.

In 2003, we set up an out of hours facility on Streatham High Road so the best possible care could be provided by dedicated staff around the clock.



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