The Lovett family, Streatham, London

More than just a vet.

Vale Vets have been looking after our pets for over 16 years now and we wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Vale Vets are never phased no matter what animal we bring in or how busy they are, they are always bright, helpful, willing to listen and give advice.

All the staff genuinely care about the animals they treat and have the best interest of your pet in mind. This comes across in the way the staff interact with both pets and owners.  Even when there is a need to refer to a specialist, David and his team ensure that the practice referred to has the same high standard of care that we, as customers, have come to expect.   It shows ho good Vale Vets are when your dogs actually drag you into the surgery if you are intending to go there or not.

Their own insurance scheme is excellent value for money and I would encourage all responsible pet owners to take this up.  It means no matter what misfortune happens to your pet you don’t need to worry about the costs of treatment spiralling out of control.

The webshop is also excellent value, some items are even cheaper than the big animal superstores.  Free delivery to the vet surgery, or for large orders over a certain value, free delivery to your own front door.  Brilliant if you can’t get out for any reason, you know you can still get the necessities for your pet delivered in a couple of days.  If there is something you want which isn’t in the webshop, if you speak to Paul, he’ll try and get it for you.

Vale Vets is fast becoming a one stop shop for pets and is a huge asset to residents of the Vale.

The Lovett family, Streatham, London
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