Pet Savers Club

At the Vale Veterinary Clinic we have created a way to ensure that if your pet has an accident or suffers from any illness then you will not have any unexpected bills to pay. By making regular monthly payments to our Super Plan, in addition to the normal benefits, you will enjoy free preventative care treatments.


The Super Plan will include free:

  • Full health check & vaccinations including kennel cough

  • Microchip

  • Years supply of flea & worming treatment

  • Six month health check

  • Nail clips at time of health checks

Plus 10% discount on everything else.

Plan membership means you will never have any large veterinary bills to pay for work carried out at our clinic.

The super plan offers you a fantastic opportunity to spread the cost of caring for your pet throughout the year, enjoying significant savings while doing so, giving you complete piece of mind.

We are finding that many existing pet insurance policies are becoming increasingly costly and restrict payment by large excess payments or age and we wish to offer you a helpful alternative.

We wanted to create a plan that would:

  • not involve claim forms

  • not require you to pay bills and have to wait for reimbursement

  • create a relationship with us as your vet

  • offer a flexibility to suit your pocket

  • be better value than pet insurance

Questions & Answers

Do you cover only healthy pets?

No. The plan will take any pet but will not cover pre-existing conditions but you can still join to cover any

future problems that may occur. The plan cannot cover the cost of whelping in bitches kept for breeding.

Will you drop my pet from the plan when it gets older?

No. Your cat, dog or rabbit may join from the age of six weeks to 8 years for large and giant dogs and 10 years for small and medium dogs and cats and can remain on the plan as long as it lives. There is a maximum cost to treatment given for each individual condition of £2,500.

What if my pet is taken ill whist I am on holiday?

Providing you are away for longer than 48 hours and further than 50 miles from our surgery then simply go to the nearest vets and get treatment, retain your receipt and at our discretion we will reimburse you for all but the initial fee of £65.

Is neutering free in the plan?

No but you will only have to pay the normal neutering cost if neutering becomes clinically necessary. We always recommend neutering to avoid problems that may occur at a later date.

What happens if I need the vet outside of normal working hours or need a house call?

You pay the normal after hours or visit charges plus the initial fee but further drugs and treatment are free.

I have 3 pets and wish to enrol them all do you give a discount in this case?

You will receive a discount of 10% for each pet.

How do I pay?

You pay by Direct Debit through your bank each month or by postal order to our administration Company as arranged. Membership will not start until your first payment is received

What is the difference between the standard and super plan?

Whilst the standard plan has been set up to take care of those emergencies that may happen the super plan is designed to also cover the routine treatments that are necessary, these are delivered free of charge without the initial fee being taken.

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